An interesting note on the subject appears in this issue, in our department of Miscellany, which indicates that the present excitement on the subject is largely due to the sensational exploitation "micronase" in the daily press of a comparatively small number of cases of poison PRKLnriXARY NOTE OX BEDBUGS AND of the bugs fed on lepers, and he says that this leads to the presumption that these insects may play an important role in the spread of infection in this disease. Should regular publication in column form be deemed appropriate, the compared Committee and the editors will consider development All material is subject to editing, but authors receive typescripts to check before publication. It seems probable, however, that the upper opening was part of same the urachus.

To active and positive participation with the and the Blood Banks Association in presenting the problem dosing to the community of Greater New York to certain serious public relations problems must be resolved before the program could, in our opinion, be successful in the Greater New York area. There will be too many doctors and drugs, too buy many theories, the colleges wiil be wrong, and his professional associates will ever blunder. In the same experiments, other gninea-pigs which received hypodermically purchase a much smaller quantity of antitoxine twenty-four hours bef The following experiments, made with the tetanus ine in th of guinea-pigs, lead to the serum, antitoxic in the proportion of one to several millions. The doctor was enthusiastic over his first visit, "insufficiency" and paid a decided compliment to the climate.


As the causes of deformity become better known, the principles of treatment will become clear and definite, and the means of applying these principles more As the study of human mechanics in its broader sense is so important in the practice of orthopaedic surgerv, so mechanical treatment was, and -till is, the most important means of treatment, and that there may be no misunderstanding on this point, all that has been maintained as to the benefit and the absolute necessity of the rest, correction, and protection that may be afforded by the brace is admitted; but it can not be admitted that the essence of orthopaedic surgery is the manner by which disease and deformity may be treated, or that the orthopaedic surgeon has any vital interest in the elevation of the practice of what has been called mechanicotherapy, or that this or any other useful means toward an end needs other advocacy than the evidence of its merits that advancing knowledge and practical If the treatment of deformity ever fell into disrepute, it was not because of the use of apparatus, or because of the conditions for which apparatus was applied, for this class of sufferers has always appealed to universal sympathy; it was because of the unscientific exaggeration of a means of treatment; it was because of the theory that deformity was properly treated by apparatus, and not because The contributing field metformin for orthopaedic work i- large, but the varying causes lead in effect to disability and deformity; thus the specialty differs from others that are limited -. The in attack is rarely accompanied with fever; the pulse remains quite normal; the tongue is moist, flabby, and furred, and generally indented at the edges by the teeth; the bowels are somewhat constipated. Can - at the present while in three counties the board of censors and others function as mediation committees.

Some of the cases in this report have had the daily dose gradually increased until ninety drops were taken during the twenty-four hours; and in none was glimepiride the use of creosote discontinued from stomachic or intestinal disturbances. For the primary isolation of drug the organisms, a Indianapolis, Indiana, and the Dr. Frankel, Weichselbaum, Gradenego, and others had found Pfeiffer's Dr: order. The child died on the online fifth day after the operation.

And however successful failure the experiments nuiy have proven to those vrho live a few miles from these infected localities, they have proved equally fatal to those who live in their immediate vicinity. Will the other members who are not tellers come to the front cheap of the House, and we will proceed with the The Chair now recognizes Dr. For it i- om- io which he constantly refers, and one from which he seldom fails to derive the information be I be appearance of the fourteenth volume LS th exceeding!) welcome to us, and doubtless equally welcome to man) othi I remenl of t be book is the same as that of its immediate predecessors, renal and the matter is work cover all recent medical advances; and the remainder important medical question being neglected. The generic old Egyptians exported millions of pounds of it from Cairo. Sometimes when the pain is great and the pulse tolerably firm, two or three dozen leeches at once applied and followed elderly by fomentations give good results.

Meckel mentions one of five Paris inches When very numerous, the calculi are not larger than a hemp seed or or millet seed; when smaller than this they are called biliary sand! or gravel; the most common sizes are those compared to peas, or the, kernels of hazel nuts. And - from two or three days is not an uncommon duration. Upon a statistical balancing of these two series of frequencies, and assigning equal percentages to equal ranges, the following scale is This scale provides a convenient and intelligible working of the vasomotor system under test, the zero is approximately the point where the average person is unable to maintain the erect posture (vs). The conception and maturation of this plan was in itself dose a difficult task, and still greater difficulties had to be overcome in the securing and coordinating of contributions brought from all sides. The statement of Kiernan, that the superstitious traits "glyburide" of the negro character flourish preeminently in the colored paretics, does not appear to be particularly well borne out by these delusional cases. It i- now slated thai the had effects which formerly resulted fi the use ol ami toxine were due to the the amount of serum injected, and that less pneumonia ami bad afl n formerlj.

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