The Truth About Cellulite Review

The Truth About Cellulite Review

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Benefits of Knowing the Truth About Cellulite



Resistance training and cardiovascular exercise is a must for everyone. However, if your main goal for this kind of exercise is to get rid of cellulite then sadly, it will not do much for you. Most people believe that just losing weight will help fight against cellulites but this is not the solution. Weightlifting exercise and cellulite have no correlation what so ever.

Cellulite comes from the fatty deposits that sit underneath the skin which causes the dimple effect. Since weightlifting was created to strengthen and tone muscles, this approach will not work. Also when it comes to cardiovascular exercise, it can help burn the calories before the fat settle and become cellulite but it is in no way a cure for it. The key is to focus on the metabolism and not just exercise. Yes, exercise can help but if diet is not applied with it then the cellulites won’t budge. Below will provide you a brief insight of the cost you can endure by not knowing the right facts, and the pros and cons of getting rid of cellulite.

The Cost of Not Knowing

Back in 2008, it is estimated that $47 million was spent on cellulite treatments in the United States alone. This is a huge and global business. Michele Golbly testified that she has spent about $500 every year for the past 5THE TRUTH ABOUT CELLULITEyears trying to defeat her cellulite. She used this money on expensive cellulite reducing massages, shaping creams, and even diet pills. Not one was a long term solution. The thing about these treatments is that they are temporary. You need to buy some expensive products or have some treatment to remove some cellulite from your body.

Those who are at the top of the cellulite business have it all planed out. They make their products last long enough for you to see some results and become hopeful that you are winning the long battle. Then when the results disappear you will return to the local drug store hoping to get that same affect or maybe even buy more to increase the dose and finally get rid of the cellulite. In the meantime, those companies are filling their pockets at your expense. Knowing the facts and realizing that these products are not the solution will keep money in your pocket and also keep you from becoming another one of their victims.

Pros to Getting Rid of Cellulite

The positive side to getting rid of cellulite is actually quite simple. As stated before, there are just two things you need to maintain. That is diet and exercise. With diet, make sure to include foods that will boost the metabolism. Such foods and drinks include green tea which also aids in weight loss and cancer prevention. Chili peppers stimulate the pain receptors which cause the metabolism to increase. Oatmeal keeps you full longer and allows you to eat less and gives your metabolism more time to catch up. Apples and pears are also great helpers with weight loss.

And lastly, plenty of water is essential to wash out all the waste and fat that builds up in the body. These are just a few key foods that will help with fighting cellulite, but there is actually a whole world of foods that increases the metabolism. This is great because a healthy diet don’t necessarily have to be a boring diet. When it comes to exercise don’t just stick to cardiovascular or weightlifting. Do a combination of both. Cardio will stop the fat from sticking and resistance will help burn the fat. It is crucial to remember that diet and exercise must be done together. Doing one or the other will not produce results and will end up being a waste of time and energy. Committing to these two simple tasks will give you the body you have been dreaming about.

Cons to Getting Rid of Cellulite

Yes, diet and exercise is easy to keep in mind and is easy on ones budget. But committing to it is actually very challenging. Another thing which adds salt to injury is that there is no easy way around it. Earlier we discussed the cost of some popular cellulite treatments. It’s already bad enough that they cost so much, but the fact that they don’t work puts us into a whole other ball park. The very popular gels and creams, which can easily go for $30 a pop or more only irritates the skin enough to inflame it and cover up the cellulite. But again this is temporary and does not cure the main cause. Also diet pills are probably safe, but are a total waste of time and money. There is no evidence that taking a pill can rearrange the fat under the skin. And, lastly even though getting a massage is comforting and relaxing, it also does not stop the underlying cause of cellulite.

Companies claim that their products work, and they do only for a short period of time or not to the extent of the results people expect from watching the commercial. Spoke personnel’s often use phrases like “reducing the appearance of cellulite” and “increasing circulation”. These sentences sound good but to what extent will it increase circulation and reduce appearance? So, again the cons of getting rid of cellulite are that there is no easy short cut and the amount of robbery that comes from the gigantic, multi- million dollar treatment businesses.

Conclusion The Truth About Cellulite

The only other alternative is to become emotionally happy with the way you are. This is probably where the massages can be effective. Getting a luxury massage in a fabulous hotel would work wonders on anyone’s self-esteem. But if failure is not in your vocabulary then keeping the metabolism healthy is the only way to fight off cellulite. The method is simple, but committing to it is where the battle begins. These methods are the guaranteed solution that will stop cellulite from its underlying cause. It may take longer then hoped for but it is achievable!


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