As the world starts to get greener, many of us are looking for ways to naturally get rid of cellulite. We get questions all the time on “what are some easy, natural things I can do to get rid of cellulite?”

These questions usually come from readers who have either tried various cellulite creams with no results or they’ve tried expensive procedures and still see cellulite!

When we bought Susan Wilkins’ “The Natural Cellulite Solution” it became apparent that many of our readers would enjoy her simple instructions for how to get rid of cellulite the natural way.

Susan’s book gives a great overview of what exactly cellulite is and why we get it in the first place. She puts a big emphasis on curing cellulite from the inside, instead of resorting to methods that stimulate the cells on the surface of the skin.

Susan stresses (like many natural health practitioners) that our cellulite is mainly due to toxins within the body that need to be cleaned out. She shows very specific ways to get rid of the toxins in our bodies.

Most of her methods are inexpensive and do not require a lot of time to do. Most of it revolves around changing your daily routine so that it incorporates more healthy practices that will diminish cellulite over time. She also gives a very large list of herbs and minerals that can be used to treat cellulite.


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Susan also provides two additional ebooks – “Natural Secrets to Weight Loss” and “Cleanse Your Body”. These ebooks gave a nice primer on some of the best natural foods to incorporate into your diet.

Also discussed was various ways to cleanse your body from harmful toxins. The cleanses she suggests (such as a gallbladder cleanse) have been widely practiced and many people have seen great results. This was a nice complement to the information provided on cellulite removal.

While overall this is a great ebook, there are a few things that could make it better. A few case studies with pictures would provide much validity to her methods. Otherwise, the reader is left to take her word that these techniques work!

Also, a few more quoted studies would have been beneficial for readers who like to know where a writer gets their data from!

But overall, this is a worthwhile ebook, especially for those looking to get rid of cellulite naturally. Susan does a nice job of presenting a wide range of natural treatments and remedies into a concise, easy to follow format!

Our favorite part of the book comes at the end when she describes the “The Plan” This is a quick two page section that goes step by step as to exactly what the reader needs to do to get rid of cellulite.

Once someone has achieved their desired results, Susan presents them with a method to maintain the results. Both of these are a checklist that is easy to print out and hang up on your refrigerator or somewhere that will remind you to follow her steps each day!


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