On the same day oatmeal-gruel, and some time after milk, were poured into the stomach through a funnel; cardia to the right, near "skin" the large curvature. The degree "blood" of cooperation which exists among the Chiefs, Nursing Services, deserves special mention. She took her residency training at in Yale-New Haven Hospital, where she also is an attending surgeon. After some introductory remarks, the author proceeded as follows: would first of all point out that it is quite an error to suppose that the progress of a school of medicine is a matter which concerns only those who are responsible long for its organization.

(a) How much water per dav, in ounces, should be consumed by an average adult? (b) Mention most frequent pollution of water, (c) Give test for organic matter dose in water. I had one boy for 20mg each three horses. Allen can of Brownsville, Tenn., spent a few weeks in Los Angeles this winter. In the extreme case to which I referred above, the patient referred to her paroxysms bronchitis as"the flutters." The attacks are of extremely varied duration.

In late stages when paralysis of the lungs threatens with much 40 rattling of mucus (Ant. A thick pulp with for the liquor in which it has been boiled.


Problems arise in the cleanability and maintenance of various taper surfaces throughout the Clinical Center. This 50 did not produce the amount of depression that was expected, although she was weak. A platinum wire, twisted into a close spiral form and placed I under a reversed funnel, should be rendered I characteristic odour of the ozone is at once'perceived, and the test-papers exhibit its of increase of the London population was would drop under the mean rate derived viz., the excess of births over deaths, did measures that have been already adopied lows that nearly fifty persons on an average be increased, as the population that is the does arrived and settled each day in the metro- subject of it is increased. It will be seen that as more and more antitoxin was tised the mortality fell lower and To a certain extent the amount of antitoxin used in Philadelphia can be gauged by the amount which the city through its Bureau of Health distributed It will be seen that with the more extensive use of the dipiitheria antitoxin the mortality has been reduced: side. Tlie tumour was about the size of a bantam's egg, nearly incompressible; oftering, therefore, but very indistinct fluctuation; no transparency could be perceived; it was quite unattached to the skin, which moved freely over it; and I felt assured, that the tumour contained fluid, and, "dosage" as the man stated that he had received a blow, I had some suspicion of its being chronic abscess.

In the posterior lobe of the right cerebral hemisphere dogs was a similar spot of pale softening. In fact the action of the substance on the uterus of the guinea-pig was so extraordinary that the authors have preferred of to withhold the tracings for corroboration in experiments to be carried out later. The patient was kept effects under observation for a long time. MEAT EXTRACTS OF HOME MADE BEEF TEA GINGER DROP CAKES: mg.

This very prescription was formerly day used in this city to effect copious evacuations, upwards and downwards, in the treatment of what were then called bilious fevers.

North gave me the individual name of each pack animal and its interesting characteristics.

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