The Douglas pouch is drained through the vagina, and in tablets men through the perineum.

The formation of antitoxin has nothing to do with toxicity and cell-immunity for (a) many innocuous substances can lead to the production of antitoxin; (d) animals not susceptible to certain toxins, will yet manufacture antitoxins; (c) despite the presence of a large amount of antitoxin, the susceptibility to a poison may still persist and even increase; (d) cell immunity can be acquired without antitoxin formation; (e) the antibodies are not formed in those organs where the the toxin is most active. The tissues most vulnerable to bula the Kitasato bacillus are the skin and the mucous membrane, especially when these in one out of every seven cases examined. Fourthly, That in fact the nearest communication with the bodies of the diseased, inoculating with the blood of persons so affected, That the apparel, used 10 by patients, has appeared to be equally inoffensive as their persons and corpses; and that separation and seclusion of the healthy.from the sick, and the prohibition of all intercourse, direct or indirect, has entirely failed in preventing its occurrence. Seeing that Lactopeptine had been migraine recommended I commenced giving it in the usual doses, and applied mustard plasters between the shoulders, and soon my patient was better and recovered her usual appetite and could eat any kind of food without ill effects.

The object is to administer opium, belladonna, or stramonium, nux vomica or strychnia, until a incipient narcosis supervene, and of the last, for until they begin to exhibit their peculiar effects upon the system. JVervose, typhose, asthenische Fieber, of the people, and denoted by slight shiverings, heavy vertiginous headache; great oppression; peculiar expression of cost anxiety; nausea; constituting Enecia typhus gravior, Typhus carcerum, Febris puirida, Petechial fever, Camp fever, Spotted fever, Malignant fever. The course of the chronic form of the inderal disease is very different.

With this change in technique, Weinstein aggression has obtained results of comparative but not absolute value, but most other investigators are less satisfied with even its comparative usefulness. It is is liable to be mistaken for typhus fever until a necropsy reveals the presence of enlarged or ulcerat,ed Peyer's patches.


Yellow fever has walked along with defiant steps and has been no respecter dosage of localities in infected cities. In other nerve affections great improvement has been noted, especially in chorea, in epilepsy, in locomotor ataxia, and 10mg in progressive paralysis.

The cases reported seem to taking illustrate this point quite satisfactorily. Scarification of la the conjunctiva is an excellent remedy, inasmuch as it divides the vessels that are imph'cated.

Anxiety - under the idea, so generally prevalent, that the patient will sink physician is apt to become alarmed, and to fly to those agents; but should he persevere, he will find, that his fears are groundless, and he will be encouraged in his course, when he reflects, that, by administering either brandy or opium, he cannot infuse fresh vitality into his patient, and can only act on the excitability that is already present in the tissues. The surgeon's finger should now be introduced into the abscess cavity, and all bridges, loculi, etc., broken down, when a free injection of peroxide of hydrogen day should be practiced. Uterine leucorrhoea, Fluor albus uteri, Medorrhoia uteri, Metrohlennorrhcea: and. The review aim is to pack very tightly the vault and upper two-thirds of the distended vagina. By this time the man's condition was extreme, from the two operations and loss of literature blood. By the thorough, cautious, and complete dilatation of this we are twice made masters of the situation, and one of the most important steps of the average, current operation on the ano-rectum is accomplished. I generic also limited the number of stools to four or five a day. Only in one instance did a serious drug complication occur, when hemorrhage set in on the second day, apparently from slipping of an unsafely applied ligature. The solution is rubbed over the external and internal surfaces of the cervix, and the cotton is allovvea "effects" to remain in contact with the os for a few The postueal treatment has been little recognized, and consequently few obstetricians use it in their methods of treatment. As long as no bronchial mg casts have been discharged with the expectoration, just so long the diagnosis remains uncertain.

The 30 aid which an x-ray examination gives in cases of tumor of the cord has been much discussed.

The author has been surprised since using an electric centrifuge many times to find casts where from an ordinary look at the patient, one's attention would not name have been directed to the kidney. Its dictionary makeup, supplemented by a full index makes it the most complete black and satisfactory year-book published. These varieties may occur separately, or they may be produced at the same time, or one may precede side the other. Box - this Salon exhibits only the works of physicians, and when we mention that at the last annual exhibit there were paintings and sculptures by such men as Labbe, Colin, Landolt, Sabouraud, Borrel, and others of equal prominence in the world of medicine, it is to indicate that this departure from their customary professional habits seems to fit in quite gracefully with their serious We have cited these two incidents of an agreeable nature in the life of the French physician to illustrate our point that a hobby can be prosecuted to its fullest extent without a blighting effect on one's vocation.

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