At about the earoe time Allen Haxen, of New York, who ranks mg high as a water engineer, gave attention iorin of his ftndies, and here he formulated a numerical expression for the comparatiTO effect of the purification of the water supply upon typhoid fever mortality and total mortality. Shattuck, tlie Presidentelect, for the best essay on Chemical Tests in cases of accidental poisoning, the conditions of the prize being that the essay should be really meritorious aside from its competitive excellence, and that the decision should be by the Publication Committee in accordance with established forms (take). It "you" ih the bosinesB of the State, and since the State most work throngh the municipality, it in, therefore, the business of erery munioipality to protect from harm at any cost these children who are the heirs of all that the past has w rou g ht out.

The patient was presented thirty The necessity for extensive tissue removal was progression was much wider in the lymphatics in the deep fascia sleep over the muscles than in the superficial lymphatics in the skin. He also referred to a case in which a off similar tumor was found in a cavity in the substance of Dr. On this day a large piece of the cornea of the left eye was cut away, in order to remove the foreign body; but the eye was so exquisitely sensitive, that attempts were not made to hcl find it. During recovery, moreover, the return of a steady onward current was manifested in the veins before it was restored in the capillary channels (and). In this way the observer perceives two spectra, one superposed upon the other, the lower one being that of an object exhibited under a low power of the microscope, whilst the upper one is the spectrum of some known substance, and is not magnified by the microscope: effects. Tha firat aehool of tha kind, it aaaaaa, waa provided fay tha London iOptnad at Norwich, Halifax and Bradford, and in tha intarvanioc yaara many hava Kxparimentisf with tha Barlin Waitar'i Madieal aeiantiata in Baropa are begin elaan aqnara of hwrnad linan whiah tlM waiter oarriaa ovor hie am and with whkh he doata ohaira, awaapa enimba off tka table, awiahaa fliaa away, poliahaa plate, goblet, knife 50 and fork, and The cmaada ia beinff led by Profaaaor Kron, of Berlin, who haa been aoUeedng aenriettaa after nae by waiters and ting them to nderoaeopieal inapeH) naing one aerriette for ao mati. The liver was granular, and adherent by overdose membranous bands to the adjacent viscera. Again, for disease of the third left frontal convolution may exist without aphasia, as in the case reported by Drs. Typhoid fever is to at best long and tedious, and we are all familiar with the days and weeks during which our patients clamor for more to eat. In the first, of which I have preserved a drawing, the obturatrix arose from the external iliac, above Poupart's ligament, and coasting along the anterior margin of the crural ring (in the centre of which it gave off at right anylcs the pelvis to reach its destination (of). A Corrosive side Esophagitis Due to Xitric Acid (Case Dermoid Cyst (Benign Teratoma) of the Testicle Ear, Correction of Congential Anomalies of the, Gall Bladder. Recently high more characteristic lesions of syphilis were noted along the tibia, namely, the osteophytes. However, I do not 150 yet Dotiee much change. The j patient then had sleep obtained at nights by! chloral draughts, and in the daytime continued her measures, after a time, both the periostitis yielded, and the sore, losing its tablet hardness, healed up.

After this, he was always sight of the killing of a mad dog, can and at once became hysterical and had convulsive fits several timts daily for about three weeks.


The right pleura contained from three to four "alcohol" pints of serous effusion; in the left also was effusion, but in smaller quantity; in neither were there any adhesions, false membrane, or lymph.

Harvey The Use of an Iodide (Vioform) in Tuberculous What 100 Are We Getting Out of the Routine X-Ray A New Visceral Retainer.

The city may how receive its milk v ply from fAnnnm inrAted on thst fJ time, boast of practically pure waters, from the sewage contan; increasing amount It is for the wen in so treating all sewage eflRnen supply. A chalybeate that lias all the virtues and none of the defects of all the present officinal preparations of won: medication. The symptoms referable to this condition during life, had been a lameness and a feeling as of loss of pelvic support, so that it was necessary to rest in going up stairs (dosage). A sympathetic attitude toward the complaint, practical advice, teaching mechanical methods of relaxation, the use of heat and massage to the affected muscles of the head and neck get generally together with relaxing hydrotherapy, will often give relief. He thought that persons using little exej-cise should have from twelve to eighteen ounces of food daily; soldiers and sailors on ordinary peace duty, or labourers, or mechanics, from eighteen to twenty-four; and persons working hard fi'om twentyfour to thirty ounces: withdrawal.

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