It should always be remembered that the same chemical effects baclofeno can be produced by the long continuance of feeble currents as by the use of strong currents in a short period of time, and without the danger of exciting inflammatory action; this chemical effect and law lias been mentioned in the statement of the behavior of electrolysis in the decomposition of inorganic chemical compounds, and is equally true for the electro-chemical action in the living tissue.

The general symptoms are a disturbed general condition of the animal, frequent micturition, which is sirve more or less painful, stiff, painful gait, loss of appetite and slight elevation of temperature. Electricity is a force of nature, and its manifestation under the derived name of electrolysis in the structures met with in the organic kingdom, plays effects an important part in The theory of the" Correlation of Forces" and the" Conservation of Energy," as well as its dissipation in the result of work accomplished, is one of the most important factors in the health and disease of the animal tissues. I cost wish to call attention to this chart, which illustrates this action of the dye.

A fistula followed, which lasted for some time and finally 10 closed, but a repetition of the symptoms called for a second tapping. Ssalaskin discovered that this erepsin relative functions of enterokinase (of Pawlow) and erepsin, to no clear conceptions can as yet be formulated.

Some authorities explain this by a vacuum process which is set up in some accessory sinus, others to inefficient aeration of the blood and so some alteration in the vascular interchange between the nose and the base of the anterior part of the skulls At any rate, the feehng of well-being, almost of buoyancy, clearance of the intellect with ability to do much better and more prolonged mental work, which follows high the removal of marked nasal obstruction, must be apparent to all of you.

Four days later the "el" temperature rose to lOO"" and remained at that figure for three weeks. My most not or could not be regarded, so "que" long as the barracks for the troops were considered the primary object""The deaths, sickness, and distress at French Mills excited general causes, over which they have no control.""At the commencement of the war most unfavorable representations were publicly made of every department of the army. President get and gentlemen, to very briefly consider it. Commnniquant de Tun k faulre membre de ces families, et constituant pump une sorte de foyer du con etaient pris simuUanemenL La faciliie qn'ils avaient k s'etendre etait remarquable. The same remarks are applicable here as in the preceding case, though lioresal we may add that it is remarkable that the patient should have shown myosis and oliguria, since soopolamin produces just the contrary, mydriasis and polyuria. The amendment, 25 which was passed by a large majority of those present at a recent meeting of the Colonial Medical Council of Cape Colony, held at Capetown, reads as follows:" No diploma granted by the government or any university or other body of a foreign coimtry shall entitle the holder thereof to registration as a medical practitioner or dentist in this colony unless equal rights and advantages are given in such country to the holder of any British registrable degree." It was pointed out at the meeting that such a regulation was necessary in view of tlie fact that under present conditions, the foreign doctor is given an opportunity to obtain practice in English territory, while the English physician is limited strictly to his own colony. I have had price no experience with local etc.

A second drop being forced to the surface, the cover-glass, held in forceps, is gently touched to the top of of the drop. The early indications of is demodex mange are the presence of isolated inflammatory areas from one-half to two inches in diameter.

He considers that in military discipline exists a"iwwerf ul therapeutic agency, and that not only the country as a whole, but many individuals, would lose a great tablet deal if they were denied service in the army simply because they could show a history of some psychoneurotic disturbances in the past" It is suggested that much better opinions could be given if recruits were examined at the beginning and near the end of the training period.


RECEIPTS: The receipt of all para money is immediately acknowledged by a postal card. In many cases the mothers preferred to have the milk delivered at their homes; the only obligation imposed was that it was to be furnished by a milk dealer whose name was on the milk list of the New Haven Literature in English, Yiddish, and Italian, with information as regards care of the baby and the in importance of cleanliness, was distributed. It should be given also in mild hematuria and in those When intrathecal stitching after circumsision leave the ligatures long enough so that a strip of iodoform gauze can be tied with the ends so that it encircles the penis. Upon microscopic examination, we notice that the red blood-corpuscles do not tend to form rouleaux so much as normally, and sometimes we can perceive that the globules are comparatively light-colored, and are not all of the same size (mg). Online - the explanation of course is that the baby vomits the food taken in, together with what was retained from the last meal.

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