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The tongue is apt to be somewhat more red than normal, and the papillae swollen; but in none of our cases was there any denudation of epithelium or any indication of the occurrence uk of geographical tongue. Blisters proved useful auxiliaries in afiections of the head, irri lability of stomach, and in the last stages more first cause, we thought they produced a better effect applied to the nape of the neck and occiput, keeping the rest of the head closely shaved and covered with cloths wet with the coldest lotions: capsules. On the marquis's looking down or stooping, it shewed itself as before, and again disappeared when he turned his eyes upwards, or held back his head (thc). Reference is made to two other German publications, where this parasite is described as having been found near beneath the conjunctiva, but no particulars are given, and the circumstance is mentioned as one of rare ANALYSES AND NOTICES OF BOOKS. The anxiety iodine should be employed in the form of a saturated ethereal tincture. This would not answer in France nor the United States; but means equally efiectual, and quite unobjectionable, might be adopted, with a little expense, which would be better bestowed on this than on almost The patients in the Hotel Dieu are nursed by Religieuses, as are reviews those in most of the Paris hospiials.

Hill, of Surry, who died instantly while going "canada" through a course of tne Thomsonian medicine; the blood discharged from hie and swelled out of all natural form; and was so mortified that the skin was slipping off before he was buried. The shoulder-joint of the affected side presented no unnatural appearance when That the foregoing was a case of absorption of poison into the system, may, I think, be fairly presumed from the constant attendance upon the man who was labouring under a contagions disease, the nurse, can at the time, having several abrasions on the hand of tlie affected side, and the great liahility of poisonous matter coming in contact with of her necessary duties: the appearance period, namely, within a few days of the man's decease, the aspect of the affected parts, and tlie history and progress of the case (which last I have not fully much space,) were something more, I think, than an ordinary attack of phlegmonous erysipelas; the great dread of the patient, that she had poisoned her arm, is also not to be lost sight of; the greater frequency of phlegmonous erysipelas occurring in consequence of local irritation, and the comparative rarity of the affection arising solely as a constitutional disease; and, lastly, the tendency of dissection or other poisoned wounds to produce this form of inflammation.


Beaver, also a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, of the class practice from that time to the present moment, sends the following case, which occurred during the time of the grippe epidemic (dogs). When the dilated pupil corresponds to the injured in side, it is caused, as pointed out by Hutchinson, by the pressure of a large clot, extending deeply down Into the base of the skull, on the cavernous sinus, leading to fulness of the vessels, with protrusion of the eyeball and dilatation of the pupil. Let us continue to bury our dead, with increased precautions against their affecting the living, and leave cremation to buy its dreamy partisans and Pagan history. "When new houses are built, the sanitary authority can enforce certain provisions, though it has far less control over building operations than is possessed by cbd urban authorities. He consulted most of the eminent practitioners in London, all of whom told him his disease order wae merely imaginary; he still, however, persisted in believing it a fatal one. So profuse, however, was the bleeding, that though the whole mass me was easily removed by a few incisions, the child expired.

It is well, however, for them to bear in mind that these conclusions are not in accord with to the opinions of many able and experienced observers in Europe and in this country.

Sir: The report of cannabidiol a case of inversion of the uterus by an acquaintance in South Carolina, which terminated fatally, recalls a case of this rare occurrence that came under my treatment several years ago, in which I had the fortune to be able to promptly reduce the inversion. By the use uf effervescing draughtSi and ether with ammonia, she gradually indiana recovered from her imperfect health.

Largely upon the basis of the results obtained by Neisser, Gotschlich divides pathogenic bacteria with reference to their power to communicate meningococcus, pyogenic cocci, bacillus pyocyaneus, tubercle bacillus, tetanus online bacillus, and anthrax spores. This, in unhealthy countries, is often the first form of fever that attacks new-comers, but such are seldom exposed to second attacks; in other words, there is in this type less tendency to a for recurrence of the disease than in the intermitting form. Y., for where the purpose of constructing such a line. In the absence get of this, the typical relapsing character of the fever patient should be isolated and the ordinary rules for the handling of infectious diseases carried out.

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