Cellulite! That term causes so much unnecessary anguish to so many women. When you are trying to decide what to wear you become acutely conscious of the appearance of the skin on certain areas of your body. You feel reluctant to go to the beach or the pool… you tend to wear jeans a lot because they cover up the problem… and sexy lingerie is definitely out.

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The Cellulite Industry “Cures”

Did you know that cellulite is NOT a medical term or condition?  That’s right!  It is a word that was made up in the early 1900′s to describe the dimpled appearance of the skin of many women who attended some posh European salons and spas.

And since then a whole industry has developed to promote “cures”. These cures typically require you to radically change your diet, purchase expensive skin creams, exercise or massage machines, elastic or rubber shorts/pants, special scrubbers, sponges, brushes or rollers or even to undergo surgery!

These “cures” have been promoted by the beauty and cosmetic industry without any scientific or even anecdotal evidence that they work – because they don’t!

Not only that, but these methods are very expensive.

What Is The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Cellulite?

Sadly for the beauty and cosmetic industry (but happily for you and me!), the most effective way to eliminate cellulite is not to buy any of the creams, machines, clothes etc, etc.


Because Cellulite is simply subcutaneous fat, i.e., fat that is below the skin. There is nothing special about it – so creams and machines will not eliminate it. But you can.


Not by going on some diet, enrolling in a gymnasium, or buying an expensive machine but simply by following a recognised and proven program all done in the comfort of your own home.

Which Cellulite Elimination Program Should I Choose?

My pick is the Naked Beauty program by Joey Atlas as it has a well deserved reputation for effectiveness and value for money. It does not require you to lose weight, change your diet, undertake strenuous exercise or buy anything extra and it has the added bonus that it comes with a streaming video of the program so you can actually see the routines demonstrated for you in the comfort of your own home.

Do you think spending 22 minutes a day to eliminate cellulite is worth it? I do too.

Here is a quick comparison of the main features of each program.

Product Naked Beauty The Cellulite Cure Cellulite Free Forever
Click Here To Visit Site Click Here To Visit Site Click Here To Visit Site
Effectiveness Cellulite Free in 24 days 10%-25% reduction in 10 days Cellulite free in 12 weeks
Special Equipment None required None required None required
Done At Home Yes Yes Yes
Buy Creams No No No
Food / Diet No change to diet Yes, recommends specific foods Yes, recommends specific foods
Exercise Yes Yes No
Ebook Yes Yes Yes
Streaming Video Yes No No
Money Back Guarantee Yes Yes Yes
Program Developer Joey Atlas
MS – Exercise Physiology
Karen Sessions
Certified Personal
Fitness Instructor
Nicole Rousseau
Former Cellulite Sufferer
My Score 9.9 9.0 8.5

Check Out “Naked Beauty” For Yourself!

I was impressed with the Naked Beauty program by Joey Atlas. In my opinion, it provides the shortest time until you see positive results. That is tremendously encouraging and spurs you on to completely eliminate cellulite.

It will not set you back thousands of dollars – far from it – but it is important that you check it out for yourself to be satisfied that it meets your needs. Visit the Naked Beauty site now to learn more about this incredibly easy-to-follow and effective program.

If you need to change your weight, my second choice would be The Cellulite Cure by Karen Sessions. This program is especially suitable for those who want to lose or gain weight (i.e. muscle) and/or undertake body shaping. As Karen is a fitness instructor and a female body builder she is well qualified in all of these areas.

The third program I have looked at is Cellulite Free Forever. While Cellulite Free Forever is a popular program, it did not rate higher than the other two in my opinion because it recommends various cellulite-burning foods. Certainly there is nothing wrong with that.  Food and your diet are important in maintaining health and controlling cellulite; however, buying exotic berries etc can be expensive whereas a program that relies primarily on gentle exercise will be much cheaper and more effective in the long run.

Regardless of the program you choose to follow, cellulite can be controlled without the use of expensive creams or machines.





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