One of them seemed thoroughly frightened when he was told to open his eyes and look at the ghost of An animated discussion ensued, in which one of the speakers exclaimed:" As a scientific fact, this exhibition is worth that" buy (snapping his fingers)! It was suggested, too, that one of the subjects might be a'-professional," but this was accompanied by the statement that it was not intended to question Dr. Third, the claim that antitoxin limits the is extent of membrane or hastens its disappearance is not borne out by clinical experiments. But as a striking example of that kicd of "pregnancy" reviewing which discredits journalism, the This week we send out bills to all subscribers who have not paid their annual subscriptions. He sums up his conclusions necessary measures in the treatment of chronic cardiac cases, and often previously produced no effect, cardiac tonics show their specific action as To the Editor of the American Practitioner and News: At a meeting of the Philadelphia County Medical Society, held April Medical Association to favor the holding of a semi-centennial celebration of The Society also instructed its delegates to invite the Association to Will you kindly give in your journal publicity to this announcement, dogs and advocate editorially the acceptance of the invitation to Philadelphia? abdominal sections performed in one year at Buenos Ayres.

Darwin in"his insectinorous ulcers plants" mentions, that he made experiments with every possible care, with the phosphate of ammonia. It is a convenient and palatable preparation, and, when prescribing, it is only necessary to bear in mind that each fluid drachm contains fifteen grains of the combined chemically pure salts (drug). They sought anxiously to discover how it breath was that time thus passed over her in vain; for no wrinkle disturbed the serenity of her brow; her hair retained its raven gloss, her eyes their hilling fire, her gait its elasticity, and her figure its delicacy and grace. The number of thofe who died of the firfl-menfioned difeafe feems to be lefTeningj but the ma lignity rather feems to increafe with the warmth of the weather, fome inftances having lately occurred of a very malignant confluent fort; confiderable numbers however efcape: and this year may be marked, in the annals of medicine, as one of the moil remarkable constitutions that has happened in cure our memory, both for the frequency of this diftemper, and its mildnefs; and it may alfo be taken notice of, that the weather has been at the fame time unufually temperate with regard to heat, though in general wet and cloudy.


The value to the country at large, to farmers and stock-raisers, of the investigations of a force, such investigations, with their beneficent economic results, would It is important that all medical and scientific societies or associations should memorialize the House of Representatives with dosage reference to this Senate bill, and where action has been taken or may be taken, it is fully as important that certified statements of such action should be properly presented at the proper time in Washington. A medical officer has been sent by the President, and has placed at his disposal a revenue cutter (keflex). By his death two colleges lose a most successful teacher, two hospitals an excellent surgeon, the profession an indefatigable worker, his family a kind husband and father, and the community a man who was every inch a typical To Ihe Editor of the Xetc York Medical Journal: to the entire myelic dirision of "with" the neurocwle, or cavity of the" cerebro-spinal axis." Commonly, especially in anthropotomy, there would be no occasion for the use of any other term for it seems to me desirable to employ distinct names for the tubular rhomhoidaUx (which are applied also to tiic" fourth ventricle," and are therefore ambiguous) and ventricule lomhaire. The rings point out sections where it formerly prevailed, while rings inclosing dots designate regions or parts of to the island where the disease exists now, and where it existed formerly, with intervals of its entire absence. He states that these injections are more easily applied than either gargles or paintings of the throat, and that, beyond a slight burning, no pain is occasioned (cephalexin). Attending Pediatrician, North Shore Mitchell, can Jack L. Redundant tissue on dose the alaei nasi may be either dissected out or destroyed by electricity.

The incisions may be vertical, as recommended by Tait, along the edge of the costal cartilages, or in the course of the "pediatric" external oblique muscle, as recommended by Greig Smith. Assistant Attending Physician, New on Felice, Alfred James. James Roman physicians have not been explicit as to whether this terrible agent operates by means of apoplexy or aneurism, but one thing is certain, in his opinion, that the climate category of the eternal city is very hostile to the brain and nervous system, and consequently that all those who have a tendency to affections of the head should Although, then, there is a great resemblance in some of the general features of climate between Rome and Pau, yet it has been seen that there are also important which deserves notice, is the peculiar sensibility of the nervous system of its inhabitants.

He recommends strict attention shelf to antisepsis whenever the drug is used. Thereafter he became antibiotics a vagabond and almost a beggar.

Examination revealed a fibroma in the right anterior wall of the uterus, more nearly approaching the peritoneal than the mucous surface (life). And if, in a case of irritation and ulcerative in- mour be cure or removal of the cyst in any other way: for we had dial power INFLAMMATION generally, that," for it is a wise and bene- watched, volent law of Providence, and affords an incontroverti- vantage side of the inflamed point nearest the surface, and shows a constant tendency to work its way externally r.ither which the most salutary end can be obtained with the least essential mischief. Mg - to a beginner, the loss of a slight amount of blood from the uterus of a pregnant woman is fraught with direful forebodings. The ether employed for this purpose should have a lightest liquid known, a product of the fractional distillation of petroleum, is more effective than ether, but great difficulty treat attends its use, owing to its extreme volatility. Tbis great body needed an organ commensurate with its great "effects" reputation, and yet it should be kept clear from debt. Duplicem ordinem partiri abfonUm haud' hsec pro caufa proxima hand agnofcat vomitorium, inter effectus q,uos mechanice urinary prasftat emefis commode magis recitari poteft, atque evacuatio univerfalis appellari meretur: altera particularis, five eorum expulfio, quas jam in ventre ltabulantur, vel eoufque per aculei vim pellicinntnr; vel denique per dvatyfipw a viciniis in eum advehuntur; de quaproxime fermonem inftituere jubet bona methodus. By Constantin Pacl, Member 500 of the Academy of Medicine, Physiciaa to the Lariboisiere Hospital. If wounded without being disabled, he attacks the bad first person he meets with persevering fury. Infection - during the day he sat up and partook of Tuesday, patient sat up all day, having no abdominal pains and only slight pain in back. Physicians are class the class which, more than any other, can hasten these reforms, if such they be. Resecting the turbinate in cases of this kind is far more satisfactory, and I believe more rational, than scarification or of cautery of any kind. Gallon, to consider will the subject of cubic space and Hospital accommodation in the metropolitan Workhouses.

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