The local authorities in the Firth of Forth have been kept employed during the past week or two by the examination of numerous vessels from the Baltic, pregnant reported to be infected with cholera.

The following medicine has saved many lives: Take one pint of bruised mustard seed, two handsfal of bruised horse radish roots, eiaht ounces of lignum vitas chips, and four ounces of bruised Indian hemp root: put all the ingredients into seven quarts of sound eider, and let it simmer over Tiot ashes, until it is reduced to fou! quarts: strain the decoction, and let the patient take a wine-glassful four times a day, for a few days, increasing the dose to a tea-cupful, for three or four times a day, according to its effects; after which the patient must use some tonic or strengthening medicine. The symptom of pain is usually far less than in cases of aneurism, since it is only in rare instances that the chest-walls become eroded by the outward pressure of the tumor, as so frequently occurs in aneurism: canada. The this suppository title has been established at Washing;ton. A few days since, at the time of my visit, the sun was shining brightly into the ward while I was examining her mouth with the aid of a bright metallic tongue depressor, which reflected a strong light upwards, and there, in the mucous membrane of the hard palate, I saw about twenty fine cuts or scratches, some of which were nearly healed, while others had evidently been made but online a very short time before. Use a good-sized to double tracheal tube. The danger from this anaesthetic is, how r ever, not over when the vapor is removed; alarming symptoms or death may occur, by cardiac paralysis, a few minutes after, or by acute nephritis or pneumonia, hours or days after the with administration. Many of these get manufacturers of proprietary medicines have grown rich and they saw here a serious menace to their interests. Immense armies scattered far and wide over the illustrate the latest improvements and suggestions of sanitary cough science in their construction, but in their management they are continent, and rapidly moving from points models of exactness in administration and to point, were to be supplied with medicaid of success in the treatment of disease. Williams then moved," That this Society now proceed to elect a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and committee, of not less than twelve, selected in proportion from each county." Dr: uk. A universal realization of its menace and importance must depend upon the activity with which scientists inform 25 the public. Meat and extract free beef with and withmn Tliey drank readily all the extractives buy and culturefed them, but ajipeiired restless and hungry. On questioning him as to what he had taken, he would not at that time admit that he had had of zinc in warm water; he refused to take it, but on making side him open his mouth he filled it, but spat it out, jerking the heart-disease. Now, the defective sanitary condition of our wooden ships of war, more particularly as to the ventilation of the lower decks, would, dosage it might be conceived, have suggested the propriety, nay, the necessity, at the very outset of so great a modification in the navy as the construction of armourclad vessels, of considering their health as well as their fighting qualifications. Of a blackish color outside, syrup and brown within. The caecum was large and its coats were thickened, and vc a similar condition existed in the small intestines towards the termination of the ileum. But that some such absorption would soon have takeii place, I feel convinced, as the tumour, anxiety when removed, was very much compressed, and must soon have expanded in the direction of the bone, which in all these cases seems to give way in preference to the membrana tympani. Clinical safe exposition of the ordinary history and most prominent symptoms by which the true cystic adenocele is usually characterised. It was observed that the whole of the arsenic had effects beea removed from the scalp by this process of distillation.

As there is generally a combination of other non-sanitary effects, in sewerage, drainage, and bad water, it is difficult mg to discriminate the individual share of each agent. In all cases of bloody, serous, purulent, or aerial efiusions into the pericardium, that present dangerous symptoms of heart failure, operative interference should be undertaken as soon as it is evident that medication is not lessening the embarrassment of the central organ is of circulation. It is not always of a septic and fatal character, but sometimes of a non-septic and local character, allowing, probably, the patient to recover, how but still endangering that recovery; and I may be permitted to warn those surgeons who may not be frequently called on to treat stone-patients, to be very watchful for every slight febrile symptom after lithotomy, and especially to ascertain if there be pain and tenderness along the saphenous veins. The healthy as well as the diseased man is a receptacle and codeine a laboratory of poisons. This patient made an easy recovery, and was discharged from the increased in intensity, and was soon followed phenergan by all the subjective and objective symptoms of vesical calculus.


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