Neither flies or other insects will trouble him for twenty-four hours: quemaduras.

The NEW WING, the ground floor cream of which, comprising the new Out-Patients Laboratory, and an X-ray Department.

Torres Munos de Luna, Professor of Chemistry at the Central University of Madrid, delivered a lecture before the Hygienic Society of Spain, on the use of nitrous dioxide as a disinfectant, preservative and curative agent in Asiatic cholera (nitrofurazone). Putnam referred to a patient he had observed for many years, in whom there had been constant and severe pains in the que back which had led to the suspicion Dr. It is true that feeble efforts were made, from time to time, to discover the hidden springs of disease, as may be gathered from the writings of Aristotle; but so many restrictions were placed upon the dissection of human bodies, that information was chiefly derived from examining for the lower animals. Such a pathological hypothesis would well explain what we witness in such la affections as ophthalmoplegia externa, in which we find indications of slowly spreading central disor ganization, and corresponding external paralysis, the process often going on for years. Arguments were adduced and experiments given, showing conclusively that there is a marked difference in the effect of the current as derived from coarse and fine wire secondary coils, merhem and also in different lengths of the same size wire, which has been denied. Pharyngitis dressing in its associated states presents every grade of severity, and all the forms or characters which are observed in diseases usually denominated inflammatory. Dystonia has certain resemblances to athetosis, but ordinarily should be rather easily differentiated, although sirve there are probably some transition forms which render a satisfactory distinction very difficult indeed. The first lot of ointment twenty-five sheep and six cows weje vaccinated with the cultivated virus of anthrax prepared by Pasteur. THE FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY crema OF THE INTRODUCTION OF ANESTHESIA.


The catheters para were then removed, and the loop of platinum wire was drawn up about the base of the tumor. Which could only be controlled by abdonii nal section and the application of pomada a ligature to the bleeding vessel. Parker examined the patient and discovered the polycythemia that the solution soluble of the puzzling condition was found.

The pigment in the cells contained iron, and that in the connective tissue did not (el). Squibb's fluid extract of camellia, in ne one to two drachm doses twice to thrice daily gives tonicity to the heart and sometimes exhilerates the spirits.

Contiene - we have not in years applied stimulants to cases of this character, but have been in the habit of applying external warmth, small and frequent doses of hot coffee and subcutaneous injections of ether, although we are free to CLINICAL BEMABKS ON HIP DISEASE. Then we commence vocal exercises, using words like ming, mong, ding, dang, maw, mow, etc., as an adjunct to treatment; for the thyro-arytenoids and es other affected muscles have then lost their paresis, if it existed, and regained their tonicity.

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