Catarrhal inflammation of the duodenum ibs and intestinal tract is of great importance in providing microorganisms to induce similar changes in the gallbladder. One has to urge the patient:"Breathe hard, deeper, faster, "dogs" like this" (here you gasp yourself until you feel very,"still keep on, do not stop (the patient is now nearly black in the face),"just a little more", etc. The skin is cleansed before with a three per cent, alcoholic solution of picric acid, paravertebral anesthesia is secured with half per cent, novocain and one quarter per cent, potassium sulphate in normal saline, to which epinephrine is added just prior to injection.

This has succeeded so well in adults that cats I see no reason why it should not do good in the case of children. There were is many men who would be glad to contribute moderate sums monthly.


Child - faraday, was that of the operation of the machine on the pointing of the magnetic needle. Elliott Publishing Company, or by registered mail, as dose the publishers are not responsible for money sent by unregistered mail. Little need be said about of antitoxic serum in these two diseases.

The skin for of both hands had a scaly appearance. The hemorrhage, however, was slight and easily controlled (effects). Side - these lesions may occur in other localities, as, for example, the nose. In two cases which came under my care, the conjunctiva of both eyes, M-ithout much pain, suddenly became intensely red, and the coniea opaque, and the eyelids much swollen, and under their lining membrane a large serous deposition took place; lymph and j)us were also eft'used into the anterior chamber, and in one the cornea ultimately biu-st. Mixed in this proportion it may be kept on three or four hours without causing more than slight redness of the skin (can). Reading it, however, in the light of the first ad case, it is quite plausible that death was the result of acute dilatation. Our complete line is sold by dealers throughout the in world. The absence of hair on the face, with slight curls at the side "to" of the head, increased this appearance. The greatest diversity of opinion still prevails resjjecting' the structure and mode of formation of the deciduous membranes, though they have been carefully investigated since the time of Dr: what. The patient period the patient's general buy condition improved and the menstrual flow became more natural in character and duration, but was still almost always late.

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