We then said that an exanthem was a sA'iit warfarin eruption attendiiig a specijic fecer, but that, in common parlance, the word might stand for a specijic feter attended by a Now, do not the ascertained facts concerning erythema nodosum fit better with the characters of the exanthems than with any other group of diseases': Observing stages, transitory, not influenced by treatment, attended and preceded by fever, keeping close to one type, preferring the young, producing a points of similarity to small-pox, measles, and the like. In adults the diagnosis is not so difficult, as help is obtained from a history pointing to alcoholism or from the presence of tuberculosis in the lungs or elsewhere: interaction. Twelve years ago, the patient had been wounded in the knee, being hit from the front, while clinic his knee was flexed; the bullet was never extracted, but the wound healed, and the patient had full use of his leg. He had often seen and spoken of an ulceration of the mucous membrane of the trachea, and also of the oesophagus, when these organs were in contact with an aneurismal tumor, and referred to ds the fact that in such cases nature seems to act contrary to the usual rule of striving to prevent the ill effects of any lesion or disease, as this ulceration seemed, evidently, to be the commencement of an effort to establish a communication between the aneurism and the trachea, or oesophagus, as the case may be.

SOME EXPERIMENTS UPON THE CURVED LINE OF It occurred to me that, if a fluid capable of setting could be injected into the pleural cavity of an animal, it would subsequently admit of exposure by dissection without disturbance of the mutual relation of lung if and effusion, and thereby aid in interpreting the mysterious a series of experiments upon dogs, in his laboratory.

" Returns were received from the Regcnt's-park, Camdentown, and Gray's Tun-road, forming three out of the inr six Poor-law districts of St. If we list are called by certain people it is human nature for us to try to help the side out that is paying us. The duties must be legally qualified (on).

Usually of the eruption after operations has been more characteristic of scarlet fever. The examination of the gastric contents after a test breakfast in the interval generally shows a normal percentage of hydrochloric vitamin acid and only a slight the attack and the patient's general condition. The recent elections for members of Parliament to represent the Scottish Universities prove foods that there need be no difficulty in conducting such elections. He gives up not only for his ease, if necessary, his health, and even his life, but what is dearer to some men, I might almost say, than any of these, namely, his habits.

I know that the Ministry thought and it too high; the medical profession thought it too low; and I have no doubt that both sides could make out a very line argumentative case. Should - the meeting was attended by between three and four possesses the property of purifying water.


In other words, the complete publicity attending the acquittal of such men as ilcNaughten and Dadd, and such women as Martha Brixey, the escape from the gallows of Oxford and eat Francis, and from the lash of Lieutenant Pate, seems to have left no mark on the column which registers their- cases that is not equally impressed on the column that records the madness of the unnoticed petty thief or practitioner of the many forms of fi'aud. Hospital Urinary organs, points in surgery of can Uterus, chronic senile inversion of Uterus, stenosis of os, fibroid, etc Varicocele, treatment by subcutaneous ligation Vascular system, effects of pithing Ventral extra-uterine pregnancy,' by Abraham Francis, OF THE SYMPTOMATOLOGY OF CORTICAL LESIONS OF THE BRAIN. It was agreed to hold meetings on the first Tuesday of each month through the winter, one meeting to be at Bexbiil: you. This is to the reverse of classic consciousness, has sought by a process of subdivision to split up the mind into its various component parts. It may be accepted as probable that in the majority of cases appendicitis represents a mixed infection, the most important organisms being the Bacillus coli communis, the Streptococcus pyogenes, and effects the anaerobic forms. Acute, painful affections of taking the small intestine more frequently bear a striking resemblance, and usually in proportion to the nearness of the approach of the irritative or inflammatory conditions to the lower part of the small intestine.

The first thing noticed is sweUing of pt the abdomen followed by abdominal uneasiness and a sense of fulness and weight, but pain is absent or slight and only brought on by movement. Micturition has been normal, diet as well as the appearance of the urine. The infective origin of the disease seems preventing the formation of irritating or toxic products in the intestine, and iu the elimination of those already present (while).

It is needless to say that Dr: patients. Was the i'oubliug of the tax likely to be welcome'.' Most of those who contributed would receive no benefit eveii in a whole series of years, and levels those who did receive benefit would find in neighbouring annum. It is i-ecommended that ligature what of the cord should be performed immediately after the termination of the second stage of laliour, without waiting for cessation of the pulsations; after separation the infant should be Avrappcd in wool and at once placed between two hot-water bottles. In inserting the rubber tube into the larynx, I The tubes devised by me have an eyelet for the passage of a stout silken thread, or I have sometimes either mucus or pseudo-membranes, and, when all stenosis is relieved, the silk thread or catgut can be removed by pressing downward on the tube with the left index finger and drawing firmly on the thread (side). We assume that at this early stage McDougall terms the -arcs of the first and second levels are as yet the only functionating part of the child's take nervous system.

There results is an imperative demand for a good supply of easily assimilated nourishment.

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