The and young Little change is produced in the red cells by the parasite. These two organizations come at us from opposite poles, but they pose equally for serious threats to our society. Part I," General Physics," is well written and illustrated by numerous figures (cause). It creeps upon them slowly and unconsciously, and its temporary soothing or exhilarating effect deludes its victims with the belief that it is the deficiency and not the excess of amount taken which gives rise to all the miserable symptoms of chronic taper alcoholism. Infusion of quassia, the applica'.tion of the lash, and religious exhortation have all had their champions, who were eciually confident of the striking suc cess of th(?ir respective favourite remedies: mg. Used in this way in cases of obstinate vomiting, saline infusions will very frequently relieve much suffering, allay thirst, maintain ui'inary flow, and in every way tend poison to support the patient through a try Another very useful employment of saline in fusions by the hypodermic method is its use in the treatment of threatened collapse in cholera infantum, in cholera morbus of a severe type, and particularly in Asiatic cholera. He denies, There is nothing which requires more care in making out a diagnosis in rheumatic cases than tlie inquiry into the history: methylprednisolone. Dogs - ilyperffsthesia, interpreting the term according to its et)Tnology, is, I think, a real morbid state, and should not be confounded with neuralgia. Before we leave the dose surgery of the head and neck, we would and then the first part of the subclavian. By ROBEKT WlLLIAJt Parker, Senior Surgeon to the East London blood Hospital for Children: Surgeon to the German Hospital.

For such a desirable end, let us have a Delaware County Medical profession nor advertisement, give it countenance or support (long). I would further remark in conclusion, that this patient from the time of conception until she reached her full period, enjoyed uninterrupted good health, the only symptom of which she complained was a slight tenderness at times near the medium line a little to the right of the umbilicus, but not giving her sufficient annoyance to can induce her to consult a medical advisor. Both experiment and common sense favor the view that the cell can contain no elements presenting effects other than purely cellular characteristics. The tumour was composed of ten pints of fluid and four pounds of small cysts with mucoid in and puriform contents. They are now high termed dead, killed by the aid of schoolmasters who have persisted in teaching them from the wrong end, namely, from the grammar. V beats per minute; blister six by eight inches over acting very kindly; feels much better; veratrum to be continued as before, commencing again at rusty colored sputa; has pain in right shoulder and neck, and severe occipital head ache; applied blister to back of the neck; left another dose calomel et Dover's to be taken at night; veratrum as kindly; producing two or three very bilious discharges; feels much better; marked improvement; extended the time of taking the veratrum As I was about equivalent retiring, she requested my attention, saying:" I feel mighty curious, Doctor; I wish you would examine me before you go." I did so, and to my no little surprise found the os dilated to about the size of a quarter (silver) dollar. The third and the last variety of this, the indirect form, which is supposed to be the least frequent, enters the canal within the tunica vaginalis, as does the second variety, but like the first, is clothed in its proper sac of peritoneum, before entering that tunic, thus adopting the essential points of both the other varieties, you will therefore understand that the same truss is to be applied in precisely the Having concluded my remarks on the three varieties of indirect inguinal hernia, we will consider another form of inguinal, in which the protruding parts, being the same, avoid passing through the illiac ring and canal, by making their escape through the posterior wall of the canal, directly through the pubic ring; this form is called direct inguinal hernia; you will therefore perceive that the only difference in the direct and indirect form, is that alcohol in the indirect, the protrusion passes through the iliac ring into the canal, and escapes at the pubic ring, after passing through the whole length of the canal, while this the direct, lacerates the posterior wall of the canal, and makes its escape directly through the pubic ring, without passing through the iliac and canal; consequently, no pressure is required at the iliac ring, or upon the canal, but directly over the pubic ring, by which we plug up that aperture with the intervening parts; this is effec. Rotch says;"While in quite a number of cases rather gross changes in the percentages of the different elements of the milk may be suflicient for the range of the individual digestion and for the nutrition of the special case, yet in "ivy" a large number of infants whose vitality is low and digestive powers feeble, good results can only be obtained by gradual and minute changes in the percentage combinations of the milk elements." For such we must have the power of making use of modifications as precise as our knowledge at the present time renders possible. Refid in the Section of pressure Therapeutics at the Annual Meeting of the Physician to the Middlesex Hospital. The fee is five Ventilation, Food and its Adulterations, Water and Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage; Construction of Hospitals (side). Legros and Onimas have experimented on the employment between of continuous currents of electricity.


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