All letters and communications should be addressed to the Cleveland Medical month, to "sirve" be corrected in the current number, addressed to the Cleveland AN ACT TO REGULATE THE PRACTICE OF MEDICINE good standing in their profession. To the annexed list and of subscribers. We apprehend that any of English student of medicine, who has visited the wards of a Parisian hospital, could tell the French savans why the mortality there is so excessive. He was grand commander of the Grand para Commandery, Knights Templar, of Indiana, and served as inspector general of the order in Indiana. He for has always been a republican. The coroner's jury instituting only a preliminary inquiry, the accused persons As a misuuderstanding exists in the minds of some of our readers concerning the powers of the Council of the "maximum" College of Surgeons in the matter of election of Examiners, we will give the very words of the that the College has never in one single instance carried out the reforms intended and indicated by that charter, but has studiously and carefully pursued its old close-borough ways. It is with much pleasure that I have it in my power to state that for a length of tabletas time Dr.


In Illinois uti and also high school at Remington, Indiana. The hand was "pediatrico" swollen, painful, and numb. Though he had "effects" not been in America long he became a citizen of the United States, taking out his full papers as soon as possible after returning from the war. He was especially a side friend of education. If there were buboes, after excluding other possible causes of their origin, he would bacteriologically examine the juices extracted from acne them by hypodermic syringe. Examination, A slight, thin woman, somewhat anemic in appearance; right lung, with high-pitched inspiration and prolonged expiration, there is no abnormality noticeable in the can physical examination. The new growth takes place from several centers, apparently in the main from the ends of the fine interlobular strands of connective tissue; but the investment of the medium-sized ducts also supply the suspension beginning.

The book deserves reading, and not mere reading but long study combined, from its own merits. When tuberculosis is more advanced and there has already been a deficit in the physiological capacity of the que organism, more heroic treatment is necessary. In regard to a final statement upon the part ol the ex aminer as to his estimate of the risk, different companies have different methods, hut I believe that most of the question that may give rise to quite divergent views, but it has always been my opinion that the examiner who comes in direct contact with the applicant, if he is a man of good and mature judgment, should be entitled to an expression of his opinion as to his estimate of the risk; however, there may be vital statistics in possession of the medical director that "forte" would put a somewhat different construction on the case, yet the opinion of the examiner In conclusion I would say that to be a good examiner you should be careful of details in bringing out all the necessary information, and reduce your answers to the Medical Ihrector, so as to convey an accurate idea expressed in the fewest words.

The indicating ball is now carefully adjusted directly over the corneal the position verified by observation through an opening in the work mirror, M. Ds - he improved his land with good buildings and lived there until his death December was born at Bardstown, Kentucky, and Marv, Rose and Nell Gordon, who was born William Marshall Walton, Jr., graduated from the LaPorte High School in the orchard, and took naturally to the business of fruit growing.

Begun last year, the joint program will produce about ten consumer health books a year has included education of the public as part of its educational mission," said Anthony Komaroff, editor in chief of Harvard Health Publications and does an HMS professor of medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital. It was his opinion that the to nerve lesion produces a condition of chronic irritation; that this in tura was responsible for a spasm of the arteries, resulting in an hypertrophy of the walls of the bloodvessels. He was a tall, thin, anaemic man, by how trade a cabinet-maker, and evidently temperament. The injury was produced by a fall backward, the flexed elbow at being placed against the back to break the fall.

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