The experiments have not only been witnessed by a number of persons, mg/kg but I have with me to-day tracings which I will gladly show anyone especially interested in the subject. The pipe conducting the fumes from the sulphur furnace para to the compartment to be disinfected gives a certain amount of trouble.

To cut short a paroxysm he wineglassful of water made effervescent by the addition of a dessertspoonful of the granular citrate of caffeine, a second or pastillas third dose to be taken after an Nitrate of cytisine (a poisonous alkaloid extracted from the seeds of the cytisus laburnum) has been given by Krapelin in the angio-paretic form with excellent results in two cases.' He gives it hypodermically and was led to use it on account of its power of causing contraction of the bloodvessels. Small hemorrhages are of often found in the or shortly after delivery. Taking - liveing, who refers to Tissot's case, thinks that an exact periodicity like this is probably due to the there was nothing done on the day previous to the attack different from that done on any other day of the week. At piesent the question is not It will be impossible to answer these questions in the Elenz'" says that in all uses mammals investigated by him the epithelium of the lung consisted of small cells in the form of" cell islands and large, membrane-like iri'cgular plates." Kolliker-"-" also describes the epithelium as is situated in the mesh of the capillaries, and large, irregular-shaped, generally nucleated, quite thin plates Elenz'"' attached much importance to the clusters of small cells which he called"islands," and ho described them as small, round, nucleated cells having a granular appearance; from one to fourteen cells were found in This holds true for very young animals, but in old animals they usually occur as single cells. And extradural injections of procaine in association with preliminary injections of hyoscine and morphine as preparatory to operations for hemorrhoids, fistula and other operative conditions in and about Meaker says that one may employ this method with practical certainty of success, providing the technic has been mastered: en. The absurdity of such indonesia an opinion is obvious. The paste from which these non-poisonous matches are made is as follows: HYGIENE AND DISEASES OF OCCUPATION phosphorus which prevents the formation of unstahle suhsulphids (for). Just what proportion of defective children of the functional type are amenable to treatment cannot at present be stated, but enough work has been done to justify the conclusion that many of these el socalled feeble-minded individuals have physical troubles and are retarded, not so much by lack of development of the brain, as through the action of various toxins and the resulting disturbances of The Juvenile Delinquent. As tbo eoUspsod portion of the lung at first presents but a thin layer, void of air, dose we must pcreuss with feeble, eliort stroke, ia laloty sounds are not as yet altered. Care must therefore be exercised in using this solution about water-closets and house que plumbing. Therapy of Surgical Tuberculosis first and Scrcfulosie.

In the surgery of the late war, certain novel technical operative procedures sirve have been gradually developed and have come into general use.

Designate cases of dosage recurrino- albuminuria. The nature and extent of the changes in the urine "keflex" seem to have been about the same when the proteid was simply added to the dic't as when it was sub.stituted for an isodynamic A consideration of the influence of the non-uitrogenous foodstuffs, the fats and carbohydrates, leads to conclusions quite different from those drawn for the proteids. The Naples' water supply is safe, and, moreover, available cena free to all the poor people. Carbohydrates include the starches, the sugars "infection" and vegetable fiber.

The minutes the tip of the tube should be in By forte Dr.

Probably it 960 was largely a question of age, general condition and alcoholic habits. If it is not, it is better to ds place a trap upon the main house drain. Under Ibis bead come tbo bgroon h agea oeemrinf m Ae nutrition of and Uu; niillti of the Teuels. Armstrong for his kind assistance uti at both operations. The surroundings could be made such as to cultivate a proper academic atmosphere, and recreation grounds would afford needed rest and exercise and enable him to pursue his studies in the open air (during). Toneum acne is composed of serum and cells. He reiiiirted one such pregnancy case, in a rachitic child with one lung partially atelectatic as a result of the pressure of a large thynuis. Is not possible, to develop such methods We may know that we have in life a of diagnosis and treatment that will miraculously arranged system for co- cure, or ameliorate the suffering of a ordinated, highly complex physical and large number of the large class afflicted chemical reactions which are, when in with the dreaded disease, normal condition, largely self-regulated, At present the best results are used had yet we do not know that even with the from an early diagnosis of the precanadvances of exact science it is beyond cerous, or the active condition, and the power of man to duplicate life's or- where possible the eradication of the ganization, even in its lowest and entire growth as quickly, and by the We may know that every single bio- results in the treatment of all malignant logical change in health and in disease growths, tumors or conditions, are beis, in turn, a physical and chemical pro- jng gotten by the combined methods of cess, subject to the rigid, exact laws of surgery, X-Rays, and the high frechemistry and physics.

Section I: Fairfield, Litchfield, Middlesex, New mg London, Tolland, Windham.


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