Blood - when the innominate artery was tied something in the wall was felt to give way. In the diagnosis of this condition, one must bear in mind three other conditions, viz., a destructive lesion of the macula by a chorioditis, or a dogs retinitis; or a retrobulbar neuritis.


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In cases which had passed beyond the stage to be cured by operation he would limit himself to a minor measure, such as the mere relief of pressure, rather than a large major operation, such as the exposure of these structures through the frontal region: effects.

THE INDICATIONS FOR SURGICAL DISEASES OF THE STOMACH IN THE Under the limitations of time and title we shall devote our study to the consideration of Chronic Ulcer, Hourglass stomach, Pyloric Stenosis, Perigastric Adhesions, Gastroptosis, Dilatation, Cirrhosis of the Stomach, Morbid We shall only consider the diagnostic 25 problems of these various conditions as far as they aid us in determining when to resort to surgical procedures. On incubating liver affect a similar result was noticed. The incidence of Pneumococcus Type IV pneumonia and streptococcus pneumonia was much less in the vaccinated troops than cause under observation, the annual pneumonia death rate for vaccinated troops was In spite of the successful results obtained at Camp Upton, there were certain objections to pneumococcus vaccine, which interfered somewhat with its extensive application. While in the hospital she had another attack similar to the first: hydrochloride. Muscles pale, flabby, and of brittle. The speaker then gave an account of his investigations can to determine the exact anatomical seat of the parasitic diseases in question and to determine the changes which they produced in surrounding tissues. I then washed out the cavity freely through the opening above and a large quantity of what I supposed to be inspissated pus came out of the antrum: mg. Edward Hibbard, of Pasadena, has otc been spending his vacation in Dr. It is also necessary that sugar in some form In peptonizing milk, it is of the greatest importance that the pancreatic extract which is employed should be pure and fresh (dosage). The optic commissure located behind and between the optic foramina of the sphenoid bone, is nade up of does decussating and nondecussating fibers from both optic tracts, the right tract furnishing nerve fibers to the temporal side of the right eye, and to the corresponding or nasal side of the left, and of course the same arrangement obtains on the opposite side. So far from feeling discouraged if the child vomits the first few glasses given it, I should feel disappointed if it did not, because we know from the rapid molecular action along the alimentary canal that there is a much greater degree of heat there than is indicated by the superficial appearances of the body, and by giving water at a temperature of forty-five degrees, (which is about the proper thing), and have it returned in a few moments, at a much higher degree of heat, we know that the water is heated at the expense of the hyperpyrexia of the primse vise, and notwithstanding the vomiting on the part of the patient we feel and hope that a portion of the water is retained and absorbed, and in this way the blood regains its lost elements, and resumes its functions as a carrier of nourishment to the different Now, to prevent disease, I claim, is as much the duty of the physician as to cure, and anything to that end suggested by the medical profession will, I feel sure, find a vertigo ready response in the hearts of the people; and in this connection I feel it my duty to say, (taking my own observation as a guide), that cholera infantum will not occur in any case where a plentiful supply of cold water is given at all times and on all occasions, night or day, whenever the little one desires it. Local swelHng, gain tenderness, and discoloration of skin. Assistant hcl Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Of special interest to physicians is the doctrine of responsibility which Tarde erected as the keystone of his penal philosophy (side). In the last ten years numerous articles have been published, the titles of a few of which illustrate the directiou in These articles treat of the relation of ocular defects BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL (pressure).

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