5 Ways to Minimize Cellulite on Thighs


Cellulite is that fat that gets trapped between the fibers that connect your muscles to your skin. For many women, the orange-peel look of cellulite will show up on their thighs. Although the cells that house the fat that result in cellulite can only be permanently removed by surgical procedures (such as liposuction), there are proven remedies you can use at home to minimize the look of cellulite on thighs.



Steps to Minimize Cellulite on Thighs

I have personally tried various products to minimize cellulite on thighs, including anti-cellulite creams, anti-cellulite supplements, and machine-based massages. However, I’ve never found any of those procedures to make a noticeable or lasting difference. On the other hand, the following five steps, which I’ve incorporated into my daily routine, have proven effective in reducing the look of cellulite on thighs:

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1. Exercise. When you perform cardio exercise you decrease the fat in your cells. My favorite anti-cellulite exercises are rebounding and jogging. I try do to one or the other for about 30 minutes 5 or 6 times a week. I also do my squats and butt-lifts religiously. These strength-training exercises minimize cellulite on thighs because adding muscle makes the skin overlying your thighs appear more firm and smooth. Also check out kick butt cellulite redux aka naked beauty here.

2. Cut out sugar and fried foods. Both of these items have a direct correlation to cellulite. Reduce or eliminate them from your diet and see how much better your thighs will look. Cellulite on thighs will then be reduced.

3. Drinking water with lemon juice throughout the day. Lemon cleanses the liver and also prevents water retention. These are two culprits in cellulite formation.

4. Eat anti-cellulite foods. You might hate to hear it, but filling up on veggies – especially green ones like celery, broccoli, brussels sprouts, green peppers and parsley – is a great way to detoxify the body and minimize the look of cellulite on thighs .

5. Massage Your Thighs. I learned about this technique a couple years ago and it has become part of my daily routine. I soap up my thighs while in the shower and massage them for about 2 minutes each with a simple hand-held wooden massage tool.

So there you have it. These five simple steps have proven effective for me in minimizing the look of cellulite on my thighs – much more so than any of the anti-cellulite creams and supplements I’ve spent so much money on. I actually have to squeeze the skin on the back of my thighs together to be able to see the orange-peel dimples that were so apparent before. So while the cellulite is still there, no one else has to know about it now.



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