Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux Review

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Product: Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux Review

Joey Atlas, Author


This is a review of the Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux program from a cast in stone skeptic, who spent years trying to return her once smooth skin back to its original college time spender. Now that I am 40, my bottom and backside looks like the skin of an orange, only not as pretty. In other words, the cellulite, as I now understand it, was crumbling over my untoned and office chair perched muscles of my backside and thighs.

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My Story

But that was before I tried the Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux program. Also before I tried this program, I think I had tried all the others as well. The remnants of these other half-baked solutions sit in my closets and drawers at home and at work – all reminding me of how futile those programs are, and how much money I wasted on them. For example, in the bath, I have one drawer full of washcloths, scrubbers, and even a rotting horsehair mitt! At work I have a drawer full of creams and gels, and a pharmaceutical section of pills and herbal solutions. In my bedroom closet I have a shelf piled full of body wraps, vibrating massagers, and rollers. I even have a pair of rubber underwear hanging in there!

Well, suffice to say that none of those ideas worked, however well intentioned or scientifically designed. But I will tell you what did: the Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux program.

The Program

First off, this program is a lot about getting the right information on the problem of cellulite, or in my case, orange skin behind. Part of the Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux package is a subscription to the ‘The Cellulite Reduction Report’ published by Joey E. Atlas, a certified personal fitness trainer. This report has in-depth information on the latest cellulite reduction scams making the rounds, and saved me from wasting money on the painful Lypomassage treatment centers that just sprouted up where I live.

But the main program is not about reading; it’s all about doing. Joey Atlas shows you how an Exercise Physiology schedule can get the Cellulite reduction job done in his Naked Beauty eBook and video. The Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux package includes those, plus sample 22-minute each schedules that you can use as a guide.

Then there are the Anti-Cellulite Cardio exercises. These are 18-minute routines that Joey says are sure to bust up the cellulite. And these routines really worked for me. I happened to already own a stair stepper that I used to use before getting bored with that. But now, in my Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux routines, I use it religiously.

00039468Another important part of the program is the second video on getting a flat sexy stomach. I always considered my stomach to be sexy (my husband thinks so) but I would not call it flat. It’s something I always wanted, but never thought too much about it until my tummy started to resemble my orange-skin bottom. These exercises are not the easiest I have ever done, but you can tell they are doing the job.

Also part of my Naked Beauty exercise routine is the exercise routine outlined in the third online video called Tightly Toned Arms. This video is geared at preventing flabby arms like grandma has, which has always been a fear of mine, especially since I once read that cellulite is genetic (this was false, I learned by reading the included e-newsletter).

And lastly, the Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux program comes with a DVD that you get free in the mail, titled ‘Your Women’s Total Body Home Fitness’.  This DVD contained a generalized fitness program great for the whole body and not just my once lumpy backside.

So all in all, I highly recommend the the Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux program, which in just under one month did more than anything now discarded in my closets and drawers.


My Cellulite Factor Review Reveals the Pros and Cons of this Rid-Cellulite System


Cellulite is one of the crazy, unfortunate happenings that strike people seemingly randomly.

You would think it’s a result of being overweight, but according to the Cellulite Factor by Dr. Charles D.C., it’s not.

According to the Cellulite Factor, cellulite is caused by skin structure – not excess fat or genetics.

The good news is that according to Dr. Charles, you can get rid of cellulite.  This Cellulite Factor review sets out what exactly this cellulite busting program provides.


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My Cellulite Factor Review


What do you get?

You get a 119 page book that sets out the following:

  • What is cellulite?  This includes an actual educated write-up … not just the usual garb you read online.
  • What causes cellulite?  Clearly Dr. Charles’ medical background comes into play here because he presents it in a scientific manner … but tones it down to layman’s terms.
  • Cellulite Myths and Facts:  All health topics are rife with myths in this information age.  Dr. Charles sets you straight.  Each myth and fact is fully explained to make sense.
  • Cellulite Removal Scams:  Dr. Charles discusses anti-cellulite clothing, creams, pills, cellulite massage and laser therapy.  You be the judge.
  • Extreme Diets for Getting Rid of Cellulite:  This is covered in-depth and explains that extreme dieting (or crash diets) don’t work … and in fact can harm you.

This covers the first half of the Cellulite Factor System.  The last have is a 5-step process for cellulite elimination and preventing cellulite.

Dr. Charles’ 5-Step Cellulite Elimination Process is as follows:

Step 1:  Detoxification

According to him, toxin build-up in the body, especially the lymph system, causes skin structures to be inflamed making skin structures inflexible.  It’s this inflexibility that causes the underlying fat layer to protrude through the inflamed skin structures.

Step 2:  Eating Right for Getting Rid of Cellulite

This is the foundation and cornerstone of the system.  Dr. Charles DC explains how your diet has a HUGE impact on cellulite development.  He includes foods to eat and avoid for cellulite removal and prevention.  He also includes foods for cleansing your lymph system.

Step 3:  Anti-Cellulite Supplements

You’ll discover anti-cellulite supplements designed to support thyroid, improve your health, accelerate fat burning and balance hormones.  All effects help eliminate cellulite and prevent it.

The good news is that the supplements aren’t expensive.  In fact they’re common vitamins, minerals and herbs you can take.

Step 4:  The Coffee Grind Wrap Method

I can’t reveal what this is because it’s copyrighted information.  However, it’s a little-known method that helps rid your body of cellulite quickly.  It’s not a 100% cellulite solution, but it contributes along with the other methods discussed.

Step 5:  The Lymph Drink

I alluded to the lymph cleansing system under step 2 above … it’s this lymph cleansing drink that helps rid your body of toxins that contribute to cellulite.

What do I think about the Cellulite Factor Overall?


  • Several anti-cellulite techniques discussed.
  • Sensible, diet-related techniques.
  • Not just a “lose weight” program … in fact, it debunks the connection between weight, excess fat and cellulite.
  • Toxin elimination focused (which I agree with).
  • All suggestions, myths and facts backed up with explanations.
  • Not surgery or topical cream oriented.  Focuses on the internal body … especially the lymph system.


  • Not enough emphasis on physical exercise.
  • Supplements listed are nothing special or new (this can be good because they aren’t going to cost you much at all … buy them at any drug store).
  • Methods take time to generate results.  Hey, we all want immediate results … but the fact is getting rid of cellulite isn’t a 1 day process.
If you’re afflicted with cellulite and want to get rid of it … or you want to prevent it, take a look at Dr. Charles’ Cellulite Factor System.
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How to Lose Cellulite Naturally-Kick Butt Cellulite Redux


Are you wondering how to lose cellulite, or how to eliminate cellulite from your body?

Cellulite can be a very unsightly appearance, and is one of the biggest concerns among many women. As such, there are a million cellulite creams, patches, and other products claiming to rid spots of cellulite. The problem with such products is twofold. Firstly, their effectiveness is highly limited or even mediocre. Secondly, they promote the idea of getting great results without making any lifestyle changes.

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A note about How to Lose Cellulite Naturally



In natural health and healing, we believe in holistic health and healing, as we realize that different parts of the human body are highly interlinked, often beyond Man’s understanding. We also believe that the body has the ability to heal itself of any disease, even supposedly incurable diseases.

In order to do so, the body needs the support of some basic dietary and lifestyle good health habits, such as a full body detox and a proper understanding and application of nutrition. No matter how remote or unrelated a health condition may seem, these fundamental health steps will greatly magnify the effects and benefits of any of our health-promoting efforts, including the use of specific natural health remedies.

If you truly want to get rid of cellulite, there are several aspects that need to be addressed as part of a cellulite home remedy. A large part of cellulite is essentially “lots of stuff” that is stuck in the layers of the skin. To eliminate anything more than minor cellulite, you will need more than a jar of fancy cream. Kick Butt Cellulite Redux is a natural way to eliminate cellulite

If you are wondering how to lose cellulite with no effort at all, then the information presented here will not be suitable for you. But if you are willing to make lifestyle and dietary changes, this page should help.



Whether it is cellulite on the butt, thighs or elsewhere, poor circulation is one of the biggest factors that contribute to the build up of cellulite. And the typical lifestyle of most people today is perfect for creating chronic poor circulation. Boosting circulation is thus a big part in how to lose cellulite.

To improve circulation, you can use herbs (e.g. cayenne pepper) and natural methods (e.g. hot-and-cold showers) that will directly improve circulation, but you will also need to make other healthy changes to your lifestyle.

Getting Rid Of Excess Water

Excess water stored in the body near the skin can contribute to the appearance of cellulite. The biggest cause of excess water storage is dehydration. When you are dehydrated, your body will naturally hang on to as much water as it can. Most people do not drink enough water. Most people who think they drink enough water do not drink enough.

How to lose cellulite? To start the process of eliminating cellulite, you need to get your body hydrated, and keep it that way. Get into the habit of drinking at least 6-8 cups of water per day, and get out of the habit of replacing water with soda, tea, coffee, or other drinks. Water is as essential to the body as air. So start giving it what it needs. Pure water is best.

Getting Rid Of Excess Toxins

With the typical lifestyle of today, most people have high amounts of toxins that have accumulated in their body. When the body’s preferred methods of elimination are clogged, toxins will start accumulating in various organs, including the skin. To flush the toxins from the skin, you need to undertake a general program of cleansing and detoxification. Such a program will not only aid in how to lose cellulite, but also in boosting your overall health.

Burdock is an excellent herb for flushing toxins out from between the layers of the skin, which makes it a useful herb for cellulite. Purchase burdock root from a quality herb supplier, and use it to make your own preparations. For this purpose, making burdock root tea is easy and effective. Make burdock tea by making a standard decoction. The flavor is not bad, but you can use raw honey or maple syrup for flavor if desired.

Cleansing the Lymphatic System

Cleansing the lymphatic system and restoring healthy lymphatic flow is another key aspect that can contribute to how to lose cellulite. The process for lymphatic cleansing is very similar to the processes using for overall cleansing and detoxification. One method that is extremely beneficial for lymphatic stimulation is daily skin brushing. Always use a brush that is made from natural fibers. Skin brushing will directly increase circulation to the skin, which contributes to cellulite elimination in of itself. The lymphatic stimulation is the other key benefit.


Exercise is essential for eliminating excess fat, and is thus also critical in how to lose cellulite. It is also highly beneficial for boosting circulation, which as mentioned before, is key to get rid cellulite. Our body is meant to be active, and consistent exercise and physical activity in your daily life is essential if you want a healthy, vibrant body that radiates vitality.


Unhealthy, nutrition-devoid skin is a breeding ground for cellulite and any other skin condition. Quality nutrition is key to any aspect of health, and aiding in how to lose cellulite is no exception. To get the nutrition your body needs for vibrant, healthy looking skin, you need to be consuming fresh vegetables, fruits, and juices on a daily basis. Organic is much better. Using nutritional superfoods is the best and easiest way to get a complete spectrum of natural nutrients.

Essential fatty acids, especially omega-3, are also key to good skin health. Most people’s diet today is almost devoid of omega-3, and this has numerous consequences, including less healthy skin. Generally speaking, 1 gram of omega-3 is the minimum daily amount that you should be consuming. Increasing this amount to 2-3 grams per day can be even better. The best supplementary sources of omega-3 are typically fish oil and flax oil. Taking an oil as a supplement makes it very easy to get the optimal amount of omega-3. For a supplement that provides all of the essential fatty acids, try a product such as Udo’s Choice Blend.