As the world starts to get greener, many of us are looking for ways to naturally get rid of cellulite. We get questions all the time on “what are some easy, natural things I can do to get rid of cellulite?”

These questions usually come from readers who have either tried various cellulite creams with no results or they’ve tried expensive procedures and still see cellulite!

When we bought Susan Wilkins’ “The Natural Cellulite Solution” it became apparent that many of our readers would enjoy her simple instructions for how to get rid of cellulite the natural way.

Susan’s book gives a great overview of what exactly cellulite is and why we get it in the first place. She puts a big emphasis on curing cellulite from the inside, instead of resorting to methods that stimulate the cells on the surface of the skin.

Susan stresses (like many natural health practitioners) that our cellulite is mainly due to toxins within the body that need to be cleaned out. She shows very specific ways to get rid of the toxins in our bodies.

Most of her methods are inexpensive and do not require a lot of time to do. Most of it revolves around changing your daily routine so that it incorporates more healthy practices that will diminish cellulite over time. She also gives a very large list of herbs and minerals that can be used to treat cellulite.


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Susan also provides two additional ebooks – “Natural Secrets to Weight Loss” and “Cleanse Your Body”. These ebooks gave a nice primer on some of the best natural foods to incorporate into your diet.

Also discussed was various ways to cleanse your body from harmful toxins. The cleanses she suggests (such as a gallbladder cleanse) have been widely practiced and many people have seen great results. This was a nice complement to the information provided on cellulite removal.

While overall this is a great ebook, there are a few things that could make it better. A few case studies with pictures would provide much validity to her methods. Otherwise, the reader is left to take her word that these techniques work!

Also, a few more quoted studies would have been beneficial for readers who like to know where a writer gets their data from!

But overall, this is a worthwhile ebook, especially for those looking to get rid of cellulite naturally. Susan does a nice job of presenting a wide range of natural treatments and remedies into a concise, easy to follow format!

Our favorite part of the book comes at the end when she describes the “The Plan” This is a quick two page section that goes step by step as to exactly what the reader needs to do to get rid of cellulite.

Once someone has achieved their desired results, Susan presents them with a method to maintain the results. Both of these are a checklist that is easy to print out and hang up on your refrigerator or somewhere that will remind you to follow her steps each day!


For more information on “The Natural Cellulite Solution” check out this page!


Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux Review-How to Lose Cellulite Fast

Rating: Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux - Download Here!
Product Rated: Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux



Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux ReviewCellulite, that darn dimpled, cottage cheese looking skin often found around our thighs, buttocks and stomachs.  Even the rich and famous like Kim Kardashian cannot escape it, although they do find very expensive ways to mask it.  What actually causes cellulite is not really determined, as some say it is a gender thing-mostly for females, in our genes or hormones such as estrogen.  Others claim our diets are responsible, as we may not be eating enough fruit and vegetables, or getting enough fiber.  As well, some believe that we do not drink sufficient water to rid our bodies of toxins and salt and of course, we do not get enough exercise to keep ourselves firm in these cellulite prone areas.  It maybe a combination of all of the above, but whatever causes cellulite, there simply is no magic cure.  However, there are many that claim the next best thing to a cure is the Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux program.

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Thanks to Joey Atlas, for developing this Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux program.  Joey is  a well known physical fitness trainer whom has been in this business since the mid-eighties and worked with all types of clients and their specific problems.  He wrote “The Cellulite Report”, holds a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science, Master Degree in Exercise Physiology and so definitely can be called an expert in the field of fitness and exercise.  His research in cellulite has proven one major thing, that cellulite is very difficult to get rid of, it is fat deposits located just below the skin.  It takes commitment and work to regain that tone, smooth skin as creams and massages only mask the problem for short periods of time.


Joey’s program which is also known as Synergistic Muscular Mass Layer Stimulation, is really an exercise program.  It consists of specially designed exercises that target those particular areas where cellulite develops.   In the Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux program, Joey shows that with his exercise physiology guide, the workout focus is on specific muscle groups, using proper form and tempo, for about 20 minutes daily will eventually bust up cellulite deposits.  These particular areas are most difficult to work using most main stream exercises and why even world class athletes can have cellulite.   Of course, results are dependent on how excessive the cellulite is, how much work one does, but all claim that after using this program for a short period of time, there was a marked improvement in the appearance of their skin.  Best part of this program, there is no additional equipment to purchase.

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In addition to the anti-cellulite cardio exercises, additional videos instruct one on how to get a flat stomach and tone your upper biceps.  Again, while not easy exercises, they do give results.  Joey’s Naked Beauty eBook, videos and email newsletter which is all part of this program, contains a lot of information as to cellulite, but also good tips on healthy eating, exercises and fitness. There is also a free DVD with a total body fitness program that is included, so a wealth of information supports the program.   It is not a weight loss program, rather Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux is about getting rid of cellulite, reshaping and toning these problem areas.  It just takes commitment to obtain great results.

Naked Beauty Program by Joey Atlas Helps Women Get Rid Of Cellulite Fast



For women who want to get rid of cellulite, there is finally an effective solution: The Naked Beauty Program by Joey Atlas.

Joey Atlas is a fitness trainer who is known as someone who specializes in lower body toning and sculpting. In this program, Atlas helps women deal with one of the most frustrating and difficult problems they face: cellulite. More information on the exercises used in this plan can be found on this official workout page.

Nearly all women have cellulite. There are plenty of products that are sold as solutions to this problem, but many of them are not as effective as some would hope.

Now, in the Naked Beauty program, Joey Atlas offers an effective, low cost, and simple way to get rid of cellulite. This is an exercise program that has one goal: to help women deal with the real reason why they have cellulite and get rid of it quickly.

The entire Naked Beauty workout program can be done at home. The workouts are very short and do not require much equipment. With a little time investment, women can finally target the specific body parts which are prone to develop cellulite.


To get more details about the 9 exercises which are included in this program, visit the official Naked Beauty program page and discover the real way to get rid of cellulite.

There is now a website which explores the program and how it works in detail. Visiting can give women more information about this plan and how it works.


To learn more about Joey Atlas and his program, visit the Naked Beauty website and learn the truth about cellulite.

What Do I Get When I Purchase The Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux – Naked Beauty Program?










From the moment you receive your Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux – Naked Beauty Program” from Joey Atlas you will have all the tools you need to, not only rid your lower body of cellulite, but transform your whole body into its most stunning form ever.

Let’s look at all the items Joey has included in this superb kick-butt cellulite redux program that makes it possible for you to achieve your goal of permanent cellulite elimination.

  • The Online Video of your “Naked Beauty Simulast Method” where Joey will take you step by step to show you how to do each exercise perfectly for quick results.A Printable Guide Version that includes instructions along with detailed photos. Joey wants you to be able to do your exercisesanywhere, so take them to work with you or pack them when you travel.A Personal Cellulite Reduction Schedule to help you fit your program into your busy schedule.An Anti Cellulite Cardio Summary to help you plug the right type and amount of cardio exercise into your program to assure you won’t make your cellulite worse.The Gone For Good Schedule for prevention and long term maintenance, to help you keep the cellulite off for good.A Private Subscription to The Cellulite Files where Joey will keep you updated on the subject of cellulite through the different phases of your life.Joey also includes bonus videos “Flat-Sexy Stomach” and “Tightly-Toned Arms”. Each video is under 9 minutes in length but is designed to deliver fast and lasting results.

Having all these tools is like having Joey as your own personal trainer!

Kick Butt Cellulite Redux – Great success by practicing a 20 minute home exercise! Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux by Joey Atlas..


This offer is not sold in any store. Joey says he plans to raise the price to $99.00 soon, but he has a special offer for people who act quickly. He is selling this whole system right now for just $49.00, that’s over half off!

Joey is so confident in his program that he gives you his promise of success, and backs it with a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Use the program for the full 60 days and if your not completely satisfied, Joey will refund every cent you paid. He can make this guarantee because he knows his ”Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux – Naked Beauty Program” works just like he says it will..

It really is possible to eliminate those unsightly lumps, bumps and dimples forever, and Joey can show you how. If you have been yearning for smooth, sexy hips, legs and thighs, they are finally within your reach. Joey gives a complete detailed explanation in his video about how his program can help even the most stubborn cellulite disappear. Check out kick-butt cellulite redux and be the judge.

So don’t put up with ugly cellulite any longer.
Click here to check out Joey’s “Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux” v


Opinion About Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux Does it Work



This is a review of the Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux‘ program from a cast in stone skeptic, who spent years trying to return her once smooth skin back to its original college time spender. I’m not young anymore, so now my butt is covered in dimples, like an orange peel. In other words, the cellulite, as I now understand it, was crumbling over my untoned and office chair perched muscles of my backside and thighs.

But that was before I tried the ‘Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux‘ program. I want to mention that prior to using this, I probably sampled the other products too. I’ve wasted a lot of time and money on other programs, that now just sit untouched around the house. For instance, in my bathroom I have stored a cabinet’s worth of special cloths, scrubbers, and an actual horsehair glove! At work I have a drawer full of creams and gels, and a pharmaceutical section of pills and herbal solutions. In my bedroom closet I have a shelf piled full of body wraps, vibrating massagers, and rollers. There is even a set of rubber underwear stored there. Kick-butt cellulite redux cellulite reduction program.

Well, be sufficient to say that none of those ideas labor, though well intentioned or systematically intended. However I can report that I tried out the Kick-butt Cellulite Redux plan.


First off, this program is a lot about getting the right information on the problem of cellulite, or in my case, orange skin behind. When you subscribe to the ‘Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux’ package you’ll also receive ‘The Cellulite Reduction Report.’ Atlas, a credentialed personal trainer and physical fitness expert. This report has in-depth information on the latest cellulite reduction scams making the rounds, and saved me from wasting money on the painful Lypomassage treatment centers that just sprouted up where I live.

The kick-butt cellulite redux program focuses much more on doing rather than reading. Joey Atlas shows you how an Exercise Physiology schedule can get the Cellulite reduction job done in his ‘Naked Beauty’ eBook and video. The ‘Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux’ package includes those, plus sample 22-minute each schedules that you can use as a guide.

And included are cardio workouts to combat cellulite. These are 18-minute routines that Joey says are sure to bust up the cellulite. This cellulite routines really worked for me. I already owned a step machine, but unfortunately I’d gotten bored with it long ago. I use it regularly in my “Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux” routines.

The second video is a key component to the program, and focus’ on shaping a flat, sexy, stomach. I never thought my stomach to be anything but sexy. (my husband thinks so) however I wouldn’t exactly say that it is smooth. I’ve always considered it, but never got around too it until recently. These exercises are not the easiest I have ever done, but you can tell they are doing the job.

Also part of my ‘Naked Beauty’ exercise routine is the exercise routine outlined in the third online video called Tightly Toned Arms. This video is geared at preventing flabby arms like grandma has, which has always been a fear of mine, especially since I once read that cellulite is genetic (this was determined to be false, as I learned when I read the enclosed e-newsletter).

And lastly, the ‘Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux’ program comes with a DVD that you get free in the mail, titled ‘Your Women’s Total Body Home Fitness’. This DVD contained a generalized fitness program great for the whole body and not just my once lumpy backside. The kick-butt cellulite redux program is worth the investment.

So all in all, I highly recommend the the ‘Kick-Butt Cellulite Redux’ program, which in just under one month did more than anything now discarded in my closets and drawers.

Truth About Kick Butt Cellulite Redux




Joey Atlas author of kick butt cellulite redux  aka naked beauty is a physical trainer who has lots of experience working with women of all ages who have suffered with that ugly dimpely bumpy condition called cellulitis. He has an excellent background in Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology. Through his education and experience he has come to realize that the problem called cellulitis which you will probably come up against as you mature is actually a condition that you don’t have to put up with. The Kick Butt Cellulite Redux is a program that he has come up with to help you get rid of cellulitis and give you the information that you need to understand the problem so you can keep it under control.


Is Joey Atlas’ cellulite reduction program really for you? Discover the real truth on Joey Atlas’ system and learn if it can help you or not in this in-depth review! VISIT OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE 


He has provided the following facts that you should know about cellulitis:

> It isn’t an inherited condition.

> Once you get it, it doesn’t have to be there forever.

> Atrophied muscle tissue causes the tissue to sag and that’s where it all starts.

> There are lots of treatments recommended but none of them seem to be effective.

> You deserve something that works


Although it really isn’t in your genes, it seems that your genes may make you more susceptible to the problem. Cellulitis is actually an issue with the muscle fiber in the middle portion of your body. You need some type of approach that will treat the atrophy of that muscle fiber that comes about with hormonal changes as you mature.

The kick butt cellulite redux program  Joey has developed is called Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation. It consists of simple exercises that will help the you get rid of your cellulitis. You will learn to use a routine scheduled for every other day that will take you through a series of movements that are designed to get rid of your cellulitis by firming up those problem areas that are so unsightly. In his Naked Beauty e-book and video Joey is able to show you how the right exercises at the right intervals will help you get rid of that cellulitis. Then he has an 18 minute anti cellulite cardio routine that is designed to break up the cellulite.

The rest of the program which is on the third video consists of exercises that will get you that sexy flat stomach you’ve been wanting and will help to tone your upper arms.

Medication isn’t going to take away your cellulite, it will take some effort on your part but Joey Atlas is an experienced trainer with lots of experience in these areas. He is the guy who can give you the information you should know about firming up those sagging muscles.

If you would like more information about skin care and maintenance CLICK THE LINK BELOW!!


Revitol Cellulite Cream Review





Cellulite is known by a lot of different names: orange peel syndrome, the mattress phenomenon, hail damage, cottage cheese skin, and really really annoying.

Alright, I admit, I made the last one up, but I’m pretty sure that a lot of people wouldn’t be inclined to disagree. After all, cellulite on your thighs and lower belly can completely ruin a really great bikini look.

Luckily, the cosmetics industry has come up with a lot of different products to help people deal with this kind of problem. Revitol Cellulite Cream is one such product, and this entry just happens to be a Revitol Cellulite Cream review.

Fat or thin, male or female; cellulite can affect just about anybody -although a lot more women have to suffer this indignity than men- and let me make it absolutely clear that while there are a lot of treatments available, and that occasionally, they will be effective for some people, there is no one hundred percent guaranteed effective way to completely get rid of cellulite, short of invasive surgery.

In this Revitol Cellulite Cream review though, we can learn whether or not this particular product at can at least show results and relieve some of that annoying orange peel effect.

What is Revitol Cellulite Cream?

Revitol Cellulite Cream is a topical cream meant to be applied directly over problem areas where cellulite occurs. Treatment for cellulite using this particular product doesn’t involve any kind of funky laser therapy or invasive surgery; all you need to do is apply it on the parts where you need to get rid of that nasty cottage cheese skin.

What are Revitol’s Active Ingredients?

Revitol claims a lot of different active ingredients to keep the hail damage under wraps. Some of the active ingredients in Revitol include:

Algae or Bladderwrack Extract - this stuff supposedly helps detoxify and speed up the fat metabolizing process so that the stored up fat in the area will be broken down, and the toxins inside them released and disposed of.

Caffeine - Yes, you’re reading it right; Revitol contains coffee. Aside from all of the other stuff in this little cream, it contains caffeine, too. Don’t drink it in the mornings with your toast though; this caffeine is supposed to facilitate circulation in the affected area, so that toxins, excess fluids, and fat are metabolized and flushed out more quickly.

Capsicum extract - Capsicum is basically pepper. The extract that this particular product uses as an active ingredient is likely to be the stuff that makes pepper spicy; capsaicin. This stuff works alongside the caffeine to ease the blood flow, as well as rejuvenate the skin and strengthen the connective tissues in the skin.

Does Revitol Cellulite Cream Work?

For the most part, this particular product does. It takes a bit of a while to take effect, but it does. I wasn’t able to get rid of my cellulite completely, but it was certainly a lot less visible, and the skin on my thighs and buttocks feel noticeably firmer and smoother.

Like a lot of the other Revitol Cellulite Cream reviews out there, I’m giving this particular product a thumbs up. It’s not perfect, and maybe it won’t work on all women, but with regular application and a little patience, it does deliver.

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