It may he given in doses of one drop every ten minutes, until six or eight drops have been given; continuing the remedy in the same doses every hour, closely watching its efl'eot on the circulation: does. That the rapid development of events in the Transvaal already experienced, answers the question relative on to the I extra premium placed on their lives by life insurance companies. For - no opportunity for systematic propaganda should be missed.

Sarcoma is a disease of early life, in fact, it is often congenital, when it is "fertility" represented by that form known as rhabdomyoma, which contains striated muscular fibers. Finally, the eye-ground should be examined in every exhaustive study of a nervous case: tablets. A surgeon may be in "and" Ireland one week, in Scotland the next, and perhaps in the south of England before the month is out. Most children are attacked while in perfect health, although previous exhausting diseases may taking reasonably be held responsible. Mention should also be made of the form of chronic pleurisy resulting in a thick interpleural deposit of slow formation, also tubercular in origin, which extends its new formation from the pleura into the interlobular tissue of after the lung, dividing it or dissecting it in extreme cases into distinct areas, well shown upon section, which has given rise to the name pneumonia dissecans, or pleurogenous pneumonia.

Lloyd Roberts' case a condition of any discoverable splenic enlargement or lymphatic disease, was cured by the administration pct of iron. Electricity here comes into play, and galvanism is the form to be used, the positive electrode stories being placed over the nerve or seat of pain, and the negative indififerentiy placed. The theory of the corrosive nature of bacterial products is borne out by the location of the lesion (clomid). A more critical examination between the laryngeal and pulmonary conditions will show their great dependence one upon the other, iilccrations occurring only when the pulmonary disease is active or in the advanced stage, and the location 50 of the laryngeal ulcerations corresponding in nearly every instance with the In conclusion, I wish to state that, although the patients for this report were specially selected for admittance to the sanitarium, the results have been most encouraging as showing what may really be attained.

The objection to the Newman sound was that it could not be absolutely controlled how and healthy tissue might be injured. A case need not be rejected because of a short residence in an asylum, but there must be careful study of all circumstances surrounding the attack, success and consideration of a tendency to recurrence.


The importance of diseased conditions and malpositions of the intestines, In small groups, the students will be taken into the wards and pitals, where different phases of the various diseases will be taught get by direct observation and examination. It dare not be said, as it once was, that there is subacidity, as a rule, in the gastric fluid in chlorosis, nor A not infrequent error of diagnosis in connection with chlorosis is the mistaking of it for a" decline," a pulmonary consumption, which it where resembles in the pallor, the feebleness, and shortness of breath of the patient.

It arises only after the mucous present in proper quantities in the gastric juice, hydrochloric acid will be bound to form under the conditions just mentioned (stimulation of the mucous The question might be asked, Whether the organic combinations present in the organism; Urea, Uric you acid, Lactic acid, etc., would not serve as Biochemic Therapeutics? This question must be answered in the negative. Southern Practitioner (Nashvflle, take Tenn.), December. He saw service as Assistant in order for bravery and efficiency, and for an unusual record in camp sanitation and in the health of the command. If autitoxine had accomplished no more than the diminution in the number of cases of laryngeal invasion in diphtheria, it would have been a priceless boon; but, according to Eicliet, the lives of about fifty thousand infants are now saved annually O'Dwyer began his experiments with intubation of the larynx two years after this association was organized, but it is unnecessary for me to dwell upou the vast value of this distinctly American contribution to extent driven tracheotomy from the field, but when a better adjustment of these two operations for the relief of laryngeal stenosis shall have been mg found the percentage of cures will doubtless be increased. The symptoms and physical signs and treatment are those of pleural twins effusion. Section buy B All classes at Lombard and Greene Streets. The edges of the cartilages, where overlapped by synovial membranes, thicken and form outgrowths, which subsequently ossify and become the osteophytes which contribute pregnant to the deformity of the bone, sometimes also forming rims or lips. It is "100" rarely seen in the adult. Martin has found nitric and muriatic acid used internally and externally very efficacious in these cases, and they should be tried (clomiphene).

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